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Why Magnoliachild?

The "Magnolias" are a group of female painters who share certain aspects of life and from  2004 to 2008 I took part of that group. The "Magnolias" have all seen the movie Steel Magnolias of Herbert Ross, written by Robert Harling, in which a group of women stands central, bringing their inner beauty in expression despite (or thanks) to the deep grief they experienced.
All "Magnolias" recognised their own stories in it. And they know what they have to do. When life hands out lemons, you make lemonade.
In addition, the "Magnolias" share their great love and passion for the painting of any available canvases: to begin with the traditional ones, such as fabric, paper or cardboard. But we do not stop there: all the organic canvases which were offered to us by Mother Nature are painted by us, such as stones, pumpkins, funguses and not to be forgotten, feathers.
One can find feathers everywhere. Fallen from the sky they contain only one message and it is up to the finder to show it. Instantly in love, I knew not how to stop. On my site you can find some of my feather paintings which were created through my relationship with "Magnolias".
Sadly enough, after 9 months I had to stop working with feathers because of an allergic reaction.



I can only advice anybody who visits this site to search on Google for feather painting(s) and take a closer look. In the Netherlands is this art form is still very much unknown. In Scandinavia, Australia, America, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Italy and England it is a little bit better known but even in these countries it is to this day not being taken seriously. It must not stop with my short acquaintance with it. There is at least one more painter in the Netherlands who will try to visit my site. I hope there will be more.
If I can, I shall try to answer your questions about these fragile canvases.
Be that as it may, after I had to stop working with feathers, the "Magnolias" didn’t let me go. Like I was their child, they dried up my tears, squeezed a paint-brush into my hands and led me to the next canvas of Mother Nature they had readied for me. And the stones on my way transformed into 3D canvases all shapes and sizes. Under the link <rocks> you can see these diverse stones. They are only available for purchase in the Netherlands. Besides the stones I have recently made paintings only on a traditional canvas.

Loes Flendrie - 2010